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We at La Boucherie welcome the opportunity to share some of our culinary heritage with you, so please click on the buttons above to see some of La Boucherie's authentic Cajun menu selections!

Cajun cuisine has two distinct heritages--Creole, with its influences of classical and regional European cuisine, and the homey, country-style Cajun cuisine of Acadiana (French Louisiana), with its one pot meals, made with fresh, local ingredients and pungent with the flavor of seafood and game.

As diverse as those who settled there, Cajun cuisine is a creative adaptation of a variety of European dishes using ingredients indigenous to Louisiana. The well-known Cajun dish Gumbo, has its origin in the French Bouillabaisse, a soup found in the Marseilles region. Jambalaya, the famous Cajun rice dish is descended from Spanish paella is made using the abundant seafood in the region. The Germans brought with them charcuterie and andouille, smoked sausage, boudin, chaudin, tasso and chaurice and their fine sausage making talents. The Italians, famous for their culinary talents, were heavy influencers of the Creole style and settlers from Haiti and the West Indies brought with them exotic vegetables and cooking methods.

Cajuns enjoy their food well-seasoned, but never too spicy--if it burns the mouth, someone has been overzealous with the pepper sauce! At La Boucherie, our cuisine is richly flavored, but never spicy. Blackening is not a traditional Cajun technique; it was invented by an American chef less than 20 years ago and is typically not found in traditional Cajun cuisine.
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